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THANK YOU to our Dec 10th
anelists, Sponsors and Guests!

December 10th Presenters:

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an acronym for:

Science - Technology - Engineering - the Arts - Mathematics

What's the purpose?? Who cares??

Well, in order to learn new things we need to ask new questions. A comprehensive understanding of the STEAM disciplines makes us smart while an understanding of how these disciplines can be interwoven and combined makes us wise. For instance, a great engineer will produce one set of results while a great engineer who can play the banjo will produce a whole different set of results, results that have been influenced by an entire network of additional experiences and skills.  

STEAM Engine 

Creative Ideas - Rich Conversation

The STEAM Engine is an interactive event featuring speakers with exciting projects, new business ventures and cutting edge research. The mission of the STEAM Engine is to improve our creative economy, foster community discussion, and expand our collective knowledge. Green Bay is home to three major higher education institutes, an international sports icon and an abundance of progressive businesses. The STEAM Engine intends to leverage Green Bay's unique position by showcasing individuals and organizations in the region who are seeking new horizons in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. The events kick off at 6pm with a musical guest followed by 3 concise presentations and Q & A. Afterward join the conversation at our social networking hour with Titletown beer, soda and popcorn.


Thank You Sponsors!!!

Previously at the STEAM Engine!

Whats YOUR Idea?!

So what is it? We're dying to know! Whether your idea is a concept, a thing, a business, or achievement we'd LOVE to hear all about it. Please take a moment to connect with us below. Thank you!


**Your ideas are yours and no one else's  The STEAM Engine feels strongly about protecting your rights as an idea maker. You and you alone get to choose how your idea will be presented, discussed and finalized. We' re happy to help. **

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