Andrew Linskens and Cujo: Art Hop

Abstract The goal of the Art-Hop Collective is to show the power of collaboration between art and music. There are no secrets. The viewer is invited into the process of creation from beginning to end. Before the art is frozen in time, the viewer is able to see layers of paint splatter and drip, while watching the artists and MCs work through ideas, mistakes and happy accidents. They see first hand, art and music feeding off of each other. It is empowering, not just to the viewer but to the community to see what can develop in just a few hours. Art and music inspire each other. Together they can inspire and move a community. We are all the Art-Hop Collective.

Heather Gentry & Mark Woosencraft:

Elevator pitch Making Green Bay Bikealbe and eBikes! Abstract Heather Gentry and Mark Woosencraft are the co-founders of the Green Bay Bicycle Collective and promote cycling through education, encouragement, and advocacy. They opened a non-profit bike shop in downtown Green Bay, to host an Earn A Bike program for community members and have established several community rides throughout the Greater Green Bay Area. They also work with local officials to increase bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, to create a safer multi-modal city…

Ken Web: Modern Aquaponics

Elevator pitch: Developing the next generation of farming technologies is what will determine if our way of life will be able to continue in light of the exploding population of our planet. Abstract Farming is the single most essential occupation on our planet and yet it is one which many of us give very little thought or appreciation. Fewer than 2% of the population of the United States works on a farm but farming in the US generates huge surpluses of food that supply our own needs and are shipped around the world. Despite the enormous productivity of America’s farms, there are serious problems that we need to address as agriculture needs to accommodate an exploding population. Most importa

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