Jacob Laubacher: Mathematics: None Shall Pass

Elevator pitch We investigate several barriers in mathematics, which causes the subject to be both intimidating and inaccessible. Abstract In modern society, having poor skills in mathematics is not only tolerated, but accepted. Why is this? Instead of promoting this acceptance of mediocrity, we should be striving for a fluency and literacy in the subject. However, this cannot happen without overcoming several barriers that come naturally with the material. In this talk, we aim to discuss this topic: without layers of notation and mathematical jargon, is the subject matter actually quite simple and intuitive? In its essence, can everyone be good at math? Bio Jacob Laubacher is an Assistant P

Jeff Kruse: Automating Riverview Gardens In Appleton

Elevator pitch Intelligent Farming –Automating Riverview Gardens · Gather data using Devices and Sensors · Transmit Data using Edge Technologies · Bring it all together using AI and Big Data Abstract Recently Jeff had an opportunity to take part in a project to help automate Riverview Gardens, an urban farm in Appleton, WI in partnership with Microsoft and U.S. Venture, Inc. Utilizing software, IOT devices, and Big Data we hope to improve the yield of the farm. Additionally over time this will provide better data to the farmers to focus on timely farming practices and hopefully reduce overall effort in the farming process. During this presentation Jeff will go ove

Ben Geisler: Drones - The Reality, the Hype, and the Future

Elevator pitch Drones- the reality, the hype and the future. This talk is a “tale from the trenches” of drone development. Abstract As a software engineer, I’ve been across a wide variety of hype filled disciplines such as gaming, mobile and now drones. In this talk I’ll focus on the reality of the drone space as it exists today. Amazon wants to ship packages via drones, when could this be a reality? The question isn’t “if” it’s when. With recent FAA guidelines set in place, this time could be soon. I’ll also show some cutting edge software that’s being used by drone teams which are fighting forest fires in Oregon, California and beyond. Most of my talk focuses on the commercial side: using

Mike Eserkaln: Improv: Celebrating Failure and Giving Up Control

Elevator pitch Improv: Celebrating Failure and Giving Up Control Abstract We use improvisation to improve communication and collaborative creation. Some of the basic skills like; Not being afraid to fail (in fact, celebrating failure), staying in the moment, being flexible and listening to the people you're working with, and celebrating their ideas. I'll be teaching some basic improv games. Some will be with the entire audience (they can stay seated to do these) some with audience volunteers up on stage. Then connecting how these skills can be transferred to your everyday life at work, at home, among friends... heck, in all areas of your life. Bio Mike Eserkaln has been performing and teachi

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