Sawa Senzaki: Got Milk? Psychology lessons from dairy farming and human development

Elevator pitch Humans need Culture, just like we need oxygen, water (and milk) to survive. Abstract Culture refers to learning and participation in shared activities with other people. Activities vary widely – linguistic communication, social norms, eating habits, etc. Culture has interacted with human genetic evolution. For example, the gene enables humans to properly digest lactose in milk has evolved only about 9,000 years ago, when humans started farming. In this presentation, I will discuss how gene-culture coevolution shapes human development, including emotional, cognitive, and brain development. Bio Dr. Sawa Senzaki is an associate professor of Psychology at UWGB. Her research center

Kelli Strickland: Building Creative Communities

Elevator pitch 7 in 10 Americans agree that arts and culture improve the image and identity of their communities. So why is robust community cultural planning so flippin’ hard? And why should we keep trying to do it anyway? Abstract The arts and cultural planning process assesses the current community culture and creates an implementation plan to achieve a community’s vision. Arts and Cultural plans act as mirrors for a community—they are, ideally, a reflection of the community’s that they serve. Many communities are engaged in arts and cultural planning to help address the needs and opportunities of the community members by assessing and utilizing the arts and cultural resources available.

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