What is the STEAM engine?

Green Bay residents need an outlet for their creative ideas and finding help to make an idea a realitycan be difficult. STEAM engine is a place to share ideas, network in multiple fields, and meet people that are interested in working innovatively together.

The STEAM Engine provides a platform for people to build ideas in an environment rich with opportunity and knowledge while encouraging proficiency in our community through recreation, education and communication.  

The STEAM engine has a focus on the STEAM disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The scope of STEAM is enormous. Science alone has numerous subcategories ranging from Botany to Physics to Sociology. 

The event, which is held at the Neville Museum, is split into two components. The first half will be a series of ten minute presentations, followed by a social networking component with to further discuss the presentations and Move the Needle! Titletown Brewing Company will be providing tasty finger foods paired with their award winning beer.  

The STEAM Engine is free and open to the public.  Whether you want to attend as a presenter, STEAM professional, or as a thoughtful viewer we look forward to meeting you.  


Submit to STEAM engine

Whether they are fully formed and polished into a presentation, or scraps and thoughts that you'd like to see researched and presented by other people with similar interests we look forward to helping bring your ideas to life with the STEAM engine. Please submit ideas, presentation plans, or other feedback below.

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Title Package - $5,000

  • Exclusivity in category
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Gold Package - $1,000

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Silver Package - $500

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