Heidi Fencl: Education Evolution Will you be replaced by a robot at your job?

March 16, 2018


Explore a little of what we know about how the human brain thinks, learns, and creates, and what we need to know in the digital age in order to support our very best creativity.

Elevator pitch

Do you think that within the next decade you can be replaced in your profession by a computer and a well-trained technician?



Computers have changed the world in ways that most of us would never have foreseen 30, or even 15, years ago. What this means for what we need to know, and what we need to know how to do, is an interesting and even profound question. It can, and should, impact our educational system at very basic levels. In this talk, I will explore a little of what we know about how the human brain thinks, learns, and creates, and I will raise some questions about what we need in the digital age in order to support our very best creativity.




Heidi Fencl teaches physics at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, with a particular interest in effective teaching and learning strategies for digital native students. She has developed an interactive webpage and an “Office Hours” app to support students as they practice physics problem solving outside of the classroom. In her non-work life, Heidi travels, takes saber fencing lessons, and explores the world of artisan breads.



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