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Jenny Brinker: NWTC’s Great Lakes Energy Education Center Teaching cutting-edge, energy-saving techn

Learn more about new and advanced energy careers with NWTC's Trades and Engineering Technology department.


Check out how Green Bay's new Great Lakes Energy Education Center utilizes cutting-edge, energy-saving technologies to train smart utility skills.

This talk will provide an overview the new Great Lakes Energy Education Center at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay. Learn about the building itself, as well as the educational activities that go on at the Center. The Center monitors and optimizes energy consumption, allowing the Center to use just 1/3rd the energy of a typical commercial building. This spring, NWTC students will be installing dual rooftop solar arrays, which will have a combined capacity of 200 kW while saving additional room for future installations. The Center opened its doors to the public in January 2018.


Jenny Brinker, CEM Instructor – Energy Management Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

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