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Maddy Power: Experiencing VR Learn how new technologies like virtual reality are shifting the defini

One sentence elevator pitch:

Maddy will be talking about how new technologies like virtual reality are shifting the definitions of reality and the boundaries of storytelling.

A paragraph on presentation idea:

Virtual reality and mixed reality technologies are finding new ways to enhance our ability to perceive our surroundings, and in many instances, they are redefining how we experience the world. In the last decade, the media landscape has transformed and storytellers are paving this new terrain and re-structuring story design. Maddy Power will be discussing her experience bringing elements of traditional film and audio storytelling into her work in VR and 360° video documentaries. She will discuss the process of creating 360° for the New York Times website along with the VR experience Across the Line (Sundance 2016) and Ashe '68 (Summer 2018), along with the new ways that VR is being used not just in storytelling but also health care, education, and trauma training.


Maddy Power is a producer and visual journalist working across mediums. She has produced content for The New York Times website, The Washington Post website, Milwaukee Public Radio, Planned Parenthood and the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wi. Right now she is a staff producer at CRS VR Lab, pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling with the immersion of new technology.

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