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Jacob Laubacher: Mathematics: None Shall Pass

Elevator pitch

We investigate several barriers in mathematics, which causes the subject to be both intimidating and inaccessible.


In modern society, having poor skills in mathematics is not only tolerated, but accepted. Why is this? Instead of promoting this acceptance of mediocrity, we should be striving for a fluency and literacy in the subject. However, this cannot happen without overcoming several barriers that come naturally with the material. In this talk, we aim to discuss this topic: without layers of notation and mathematical jargon, is the subject matter actually quite simple and intuitive? In its essence, can everyone be good at math?


Jacob Laubacher is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at St. Norbert College. Besides his constant excitement and enthusiasm for educating others in the realm of math, he also researches homological algebra as well as group theory – two branches of theoretical mathematics. Jacob recently moved to the Green Bay area from Ohio, where he was born, raised, and educated. Much of his free time is dedicated to running, knitting, and eating desserts.

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