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Ben Geisler: Drones - The Reality, the Hype, and the Future

Elevator pitch

Drones- the reality, the hype and the future. This talk is a “tale from the trenches” of drone



As a software engineer, I’ve been across a wide variety of hype filled disciplines such as gaming, mobile and now drones. In this talk I’ll focus on the reality of the drone space as it exists today. Amazon wants to ship packages via drones, when could this be a reality? The question isn’t “if” it’s when. With recent FAA guidelines set in place, this time could be soon. I’ll also show some cutting edge software that’s being used by drone teams which are fighting forest fires in Oregon, California and beyond. Most of my talk focuses on the commercial side: using drones to help people, but I’ll also address concerns about drones being used in other spaces such as the military.

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