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Mike Eserkaln: Improv: Celebrating Failure and Giving Up Control

Elevator pitch

Improv: Celebrating Failure and Giving Up Control


We use improvisation to improve communication and collaborative creation. Some of the basic skills like; Not being afraid to fail (in fact, celebrating failure), staying in the moment, being flexible and listening to the people you're working with, and celebrating their ideas.

I'll be teaching some basic improv games. Some will be with the entire audience (they can stay seated to do these) some with audience volunteers up on stage. Then connecting how these skills can be transferred to your everyday life at work, at home, among friends... heck, in all areas of your life.


Mike Eserkaln has been performing and teaching Improvisational comedy for 30 years. He has performed all over the nation, and one time did a month long tour of military bases in Iraq. He is currently the Artistic Director for ComedyCity in De Pere, WI. Mike also teaches corporate team-building with On The Job Improv. He's written a bunch of plays, some musicals, couple of novels, and a book of comic illustrations. He usually smells nice.

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