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Kent Hutchison & Todd Hanson: Embark

Elevator pitch

Integrating Engineering into Art


Green Bay's newest public art sculpture, "Embark" was an intense collaborative effort that stretched the boundaries on how sculpture is built and viewed. Learn how a cross disciplinary approach can greatly expand the limits for how art is defined.

Todd Bio

Todd Hanson is a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with Infinity Machine and Engineering Corporation in De Pere, Wisconsin. Todd received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Technology from the University of Wisconsin Stout in 1992 and started his professional career as a Manufacturing Engineer. Soon after he realized his true passion for mechanical design, starting out with robotic automation systems and continuing on to today with automated packaging machinery. Todd lives with his wife and 3 children in Luxemburg, Wisconsin.

Kent Bio

Long time multidisciplinary artist specializing in large scale public art. Kent is continually trying to push the needle to define new and innovative ways of expression. He is currently curator to thousands of early works by Greycian Kapono, Fennec Nalu, and Lunabelle Iolana... his kids. Bear, his wife keep him on track.

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