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Taylor Jadin: Digital Ownership

Elevator pitch

Exploring and Protecting our Digital Identities


How do you represent yourself in an online space? When you post something online, who owns that data? These questions are becoming more relevant over time and at SNC we think we have an opportunity to get students thinking about and asking these types of questions in a critical way. We do this with a co-curricular program that provides students, staff, and faculty with web hosting services that they have control over and then provide them with the knowledge and skills to use their web space to create a digital identity they control


Taylor Jadin is a Learning Technologies Specialist at St. Norbert College. His role at the college is to consult with faculty, staff and students to develop stronger teaching and learning practices through the use of technology. He also administers the college's Domain of One's Own program, Learning Management System, and other academic focused software.

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