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Pegasis: Covers Used To be Originals

Elevator pitch

When was the last time you heard a song you'd never heard before? Not a version of a song, but the actual piece itself?


Writing songs is such an individualistic process. For some of us it’s easier to write words on a page that sort of rhyme, but then we struggle to find a melody line for it. Or maybe we have a really cool sounding melody line but the most we can write out is “sitting on my bed, thoughts inside my” That’s an exaggeration but it gets the point across. And some of us have probably seen ads either through Google, or through some other mediums, of how to write a song. They claim to give you step-by-step instructions on how to write a hit song that will 100% get played on the radio and you will be rich forever and ever. Well, that's not necessarily the case. Through editing and critiques and performing, we have found that song writing is not a step by step process, but rather an amalgam of ruminations that could be influenced by what you ate the night before.

It's not necessarily A two plus two equals four or if you do this you'll get that process, but rather a personal experience with yourself and with those engaging in the task as well. It’s not, or at least shouldn’t be, about writing a hit song. This was our mentality for a long time: “write a hit song and we’ll be set!”. But then you learn how much more fulfilling it is to just write and have people connect with it, and if it becomes a hit along the way that’s great. But first and foremost, it should be about what you have to say.

We are here to give you an insight into the writing process of one of our songs. At the end you will probably be even more confused than before but that's the beauty of songwriting. You are never sure of what you write until it's written.


Born in the Dominican Republic but calling Green Bay, Wisconsin their home, Pegasis (with an 'I') has opened for artists such as The Annie Moses Band and most recently collaborated with STEEM at the Meyer Theatre. Their musical career spans more than a decade. Although influenced by their Hispanic origins, Pegasis describes their sound as "world music" because to them, music is a global experience. Audiences who have seen and heard Pegasis perform know that they write and perform their own music. Each performance focuses on tight harmonies, inventive arrangements, and engaging lyricism. They choose to perform their original music so that other artists will be inspired to do so as well. Pegasis writes, “We are really trying to focus on original content so that local artists who do the same can be supported in their communities as well.”

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