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Brian Jacobs - Brewing Kveik Like a Badger

Elevator pitch

Kveik is a domesticated brewing yeast originating from traditional Norwegian farmhouse breweries. Brian will be presenting Brewing Kveik Like a Badger and will shed a little light on the brewer's yeast found in Norway, Hornindal Kveik, as well as other methods of application.


Brian Jacobs has been with Badger State Brewing Co. since 2017 and is a brewer and also the director of both the barrel aging and QA/QC programs there. He began his career as a homebrewer in 2008 and landed a job at Stone Arch Brewpub in 2013 when he impressed the brewers with his lagers. He has a penchant for extremely well done simple beer. He enjoys spending his free time designing board games with his son Tyler, hiking with his wife Lauren, and wrestling with his Welsh Springer Spaniels (Whitman and Willa).

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