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Celeste Parins: "Know your WHY & Figure out the HOW"

Elevator pitch

Find your passion and purpose behind why you do what you do and shout it from the rooftop for all to hear. Discover how Voyageurs Bakehouse organically built resilience into their business and had a successful first year, despite opening only 7 days before the first stay-at-home order. You may be surprised by many of their strategies.


Voyageurs Bakehouse is an open-concept experiential bakery based in downtown Green Bay that specializes in hand-crafted sourdough. With a strong focus on sourcing locally produced grains and ingredients, Voyageurs Bakehouse has quickly gained momentum by producing a traditional style sourdough bread for our Green Bay community. With only 2 years as a business under their belt, and 1 year with a brick-and-mortar location, their story of opening a Bakehouse at the beginning of a global pandemic is one no one could've predicted. But with their solid foundations, values, and product standards, they've been able to rise up to the challenges and maneuver their way through an ever-evolving time in history.


Celeste Parins, Co-Owner of Voyageurs Bakehouse alongside her husband Ben Cadman, is a Green Bay native with global experience. While spending 10 years living abroad in Asia & Australia, she focused her career working in digital marketing and publishing. Little did she know that when a little baby would come into her life, this globe-trotting girl would quickly be grounded back to her Green Bay roots. Celeste and Ben saw this as an opportunity to take their global lens and experience, and see the opportunities in her familiar Green Bay community. With a dream of being a serial entrepreneur and committed mother, Voyageurs is her first undertaking, and is invariably optimistic about the path that lies ahead.

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