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Kevin Cullen - The Archaeology of Alcohol

Elevator pitch

Kevin joins us today to present The Archaeology of Alcohol and excavated evidence containing the chemical signatures of ancient fermented beverages found around the world.


Kevin is the Deputy Director at the Neville Public Museum of Brown County, where among many duties, he manages temporary exhibitions, regional art partnerships, as well as public programs such as Parkaeology and the Neville Cellar Series. He has more than two decades of experience as a professional archaeologist and has led excavations on land and underwater throughout the United States and internationally. During that time, has taught experimental archaeology brewing demonstrations and led urban archaeology expeditions to the

abandoned breweries of Milwaukee. For hobbies, Kevin tends a hive of Italian honeybees, plays stringed instruments and keeps two young boys occupied while working on his historic Belgian brick home with his wife Eva in Green Bay’s Preble neighborhood.

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