What is the STEAM Engine??

The STEAM Engine is an interactive event held at the Neville Museum that assists and showcases idea makers in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics in order to improve our creative economy, foster community discussion, and expand our collective knowledge. 6:30pm will kick off the presentations which will be followed by a social networking hour with beer, soda and where we will move the needle. Come ride the STEAM Engine! Click HERE to check out the next event!

Press Release 2/2/2017Introducing the STEAM Engine – Creative Ideas – Rich Conversation

You've heard of STEM. We've decided to crank up the creativity and roll out the STEAM Engine. The inclusion of the Arts completes the acronym: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The Neville Museum has climbed aboard to assist idea makers while fostering intelligence in communities through education, discussion and celebration.

Green Bay residents need an outlet to develop their creative ideas. Unless you're already well connected within the leadership circle of Green Bay, finding help for an idea can be difficult. The STEAM Engine plows a path for anyone in Green Bay wanting to expand an idea and to engage in a noncompetitive and encouraging network of professionals.

The Greater Green Bay area is unique in that it is home to three major higher education facilities. We've networked with the faculty of UWGB, St. Norbert College, and NWTC to provide astute perspectives in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We've also linked with multiple public and private businesses working in the STEAM fields to participate in the event.

The first of four STEAM Engine events will take place on February 21st at 6:30pm. The evening will kick off in the Neville's auditorium with Phase One, a series of 4-5 ten minute presentations. Each presentation will be unique and cover a broad range of topics from bazaar artistic installations to cutting edge technological advancements and the best part of it all, ANYONE can be a presenter! At the end of each presentation a brief Q and A will take place with field professionals and the audience.

Phase two will continue the momentum with engaged discussion accompanied by free apps and drinks for purchase from the Titletown Brewing Company.

Want to ensure the conversation continues? Join the growing list of sponsors who understand the value in assisting our idea makers and developing Green Bay's STEAM future.

While the needs of individuals are being met at the STEAM Engine events the ultimate beneficiaries of a successful ideas forum are the economic and communal climates of Green Bay.